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Interesting. Intelligent. Curious. The Great Courses customers are a special community, passionate about learning, and always challenging us to deliver “the best of the best.”

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    The Great Courses have given me a second education - the one I never got in college because I was too busy pursuing my major to take courses in other areas.

    Maureen O'Haren, Sacramento, CA

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    Every year as part of my continuing education, I create a 12-course curriculum from The Great Courses. Some of my favorites include; Change and Motion:Calculus Made Clear Mastering Differential Equations:The Visual Method and The Symphony.

    William Bates, Brentwood, TN

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    I use the Great Courses in a variety of settings - while exercising and on long car rides, for instance. I also listen while doing chores around the house. Streaming to my iPad works wonderfully well and is very convenient.

    Dr. Richard Steinmann, Jamesville, NY

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    The Great Courses are a fabulous fit for may life. I currently live in the beautiful city of Alhambra, in Southern California, and every morning I travel to work to the city of Beverly Hills. The radio got boring, but now, I enjoy learning.

    Steven Mendoza, Ph.D., MSCP, Alhambra, CA

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    I currently own at least 325 of your courses. The end result is that today, I marvel at things I once took to be commonplace and insignificant. I can honestly say these courses have changed my life and the way I see the world.

    Ann Oswald, Hickory, NC

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    The Great Courses allow me to escape from the stresses of my everyday life, to "exercise my brain," and to increase my knowledge. My eventual goal is to "learn everything about everything."

    Dr. Carl Singerman, Tarzana, CA

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    The Great Courses provide a wealth of information that would otherwise not be available - and, taught by leaders and experts. If you're not acquainted with them yet, I would say, do yourself a favor and enter a lecture hall of the world-renowned.

    Will Walls, Indianapolis, IN

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    The great Courses has become pretty much my favorite avocation, after spending time with my family (of course!) and about equal with travel, fitness, reading and volunteering as an ESL teacher for international students.

    Brian Zack, Princeton, NJ