Professor Michael G. Goldsby, Ph.D.

Professor Michael G.  Goldsby
  • Ball State University
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
The bottom line is that anyone can come up with a great business idea if they’re willing to take the time to learn the right skills and build the right toolkit to get it done.

Dr. Michael G. Goldsby is the Stoops Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Center in the Miller College of Business at Ball State University. He earned his undergraduate degree in Business Economics and Public Policy from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, his master’s degree in Economics from Indiana State University, and his doctorate in Strategic Management and Business Ethics from the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where he was awarded the Jack Hoover Award for Teaching Excellence.

Professor Goldsby’s current research focuses on recognition and development of opportunities, design, innovation, and applied creativity. He is a member of many management professional organizations and offers consulting and workshop services to companies, communities, and universities. In addition to his numerous refereed journal articles, Dr. Goldsby coauthored Innovation Acceleration: Transforming Organizational Thinking, and his research has been reported by major international media outlets, including CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and the Associated Press. His study on entrepreneurship and fitness was covered by Runner’s World, Prevention magazine, Muscle & Fitness, and Health magazine.

In his spare time, Dr. Goldsby enjoys athletic pursuits. He has run 25 marathons, including eight Boston Marathons, and he completed his first IRONMAN Triathlon in 2012.

"The Entrepreneur's Toolkit is very well put together and easy to follow. I highly recommend these courses to anyone who is thinking of starting a new business or someone who wants their existing business to grow."

4 Courses and Sets

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4 Courses and Sets

  1. The Entrepreneur's Toolkit

    The Entrepreneur's Toolkit

    Michael G. Goldsby
    4.5 out of 5
    86% of reviewers would recommend this product
    Starting at $249.95 Starting at $249.95 $299.95 $249.95$299.95
    According to the Small Business Administration, two-thirds of all new businesses fail in their first decade of operation. What does it take to become a winner? These 24 half-hour lectures teach you how to get started and overcome the many obstacles on the path to a successful venture, whatever your endeavor. By following Professor Goldsby’s proven path, you can embark on your own enterprise with confidence.
  2. Set 5996: 5955, 5992 Set

    Set 5996: 5955, 5992

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Starting at $399.90 Starting at $399.90 $599.90 $399.90$599.90
  3. (Set) The Entrepreneur's Toolkit & The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal Set on sale

    (Set) The Entrepreneur's Toolkit & The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Save up to $493.00 Starting at $70.90 $599.90 $70.90$599.90
    Gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship, and how to negotiate the best deal with your clients, vendors, and business partners in this set of courses. Begin by exploring the tools you need to be successful as an entrepreneur. Then dive into negotiation, and how to make sure you get the best outcome in any scenario where there are competing interests.
  4. (Set) Critical Business Skills for Success & The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Set on sale

    (Set) Critical Business Skills for Success & The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit

    Taught By Multiple Professors
    Save up to $837.00 Starting at $124.90 $1,024.90 $124.90$1,024.90
    Gain a deeper understanding of business with this set of courses. Start by learning the five fundamentals you need to know to achieve success in business. Then explore tips and tricks to becoming a successful entrepreneur.